Tapis Petit specialises in soft rugs, poufs and pillows for children. We create happiness in the rooms of kids with joyfull and stylish products at affordable prices.

Markdal 11, 4851EH
Ulvenhout, The Netherlands


We enjoy to develop and produce products which perfectly fit your company’s vision and wishes. We love opportunities to collaborate because we love seeing a vision becomes a reality. Together we build your brand by creating new winsome products.

Our approach: We listen to your wishes I We inspire you with ideas I We advise about materials, appearances of products, packaging and retailpresentation I We take care of every step of the development of your products I


We carefully follow up your production I We make sure that all goods are examined visually by a professional productinspector according to the agreed quality standards I We deliver direct from India on FOB terms or you can be delivered from our warehouse, located centrally in the Netherlands I Our logistics experts will take care of all shipment- and importdocuments I We do the work so you can focus on what’s important for you I

Would you like to know more about the possibilties for your collection? Please let us know and we will be there soon! Contact us


Would you like to get inspired? Let us know and we will be there soon!